CLEANTOOL is a Europe wide database for parts cleaning, metal surface cleaning, component cleaning and degreasing, based on real processes in numerous European companies.

These processes plus the involved agents and equipments have been developed in small and large European enterprises and are being applied regularly. They represent reliable daily practice. The project advisory boards, consisting of long standing cleaning specialist, consider them as good/best solution for the respective cleaning requirements.

When searching for processes you can choose selection criteria meeting your individual needs, and you have the possibility to evaluate the listed processes according to your individual point of view.

If further questions arise you will also find contact persons, a listserv, links to different cleaning sites including cleaning magazines, a forum and hints on legal considerations plus suggestions regarding health and safety prevention measures.

This website wants particularly to enhance communication between all stakeholders in metal cleaning: Feedback, reports on own experience, presentation of new challenges and questions is explicitly requested, in order to help improving metal cleaning and to keep this database up to date.

Other languages
The former CLEANTOOL version contained additionally the laguages: Estonian, Icelandic and Greek. These are no longer visible on this new version.

The project was sponsored by the European Union (2001 – 2004), General Directorate “Enterprise”, Innovation Programme