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We received numerous support from many different sources. Many thanks to all of you. Without any hierarchy we list the most important and apologize to all those we might have forgotten:

Besides its selection tool for cleaning agents and equipment, this German website offers a comprehensive technical online book on industrial cleaning
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Unfortunately no longer in operation SAGE offered under
an expert system for parts cleaning and an extensive glossary
(thanks for your pioneering!!)

Müller, Klaus-Peter (1996) Praktische Oberflächentechnik, Braunschweig/Wiesbaden
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McLaughlin, Malcom, C., Zisman, Alan, S. The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook, Morris-Lee Publishing Group
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ASM International, The Materials Information Society (1999) Choosing a Cleaning Process, Materials Park, Ohio
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Advisory Circles
A very special thanks to our very determined advisory circle members; without their help it would have been almost impossible to achieve our objectives
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Thesis by LeBlanc, Carole (2001) The Search for Safer and Greener Chemical Solvents in Surface Cleaning, Rotterdam
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Jelinek, Thomas, W. (1999) Reinigen und Entfetten in der Metallindustrie, Leuze Verlag, Saulgau (Galvanotechnik)
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Prof. Kreisel
Prof. Kreisel et al., Institut für Technische Chemie der FSU Jena (1998) Ganzheitliche Bilanzierung/Bewertung von Reinigungs-/Vorbehandlungstechnologien in der Oberflächenbehandlung, Jena
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Cleaner Production a German website (Produktionsintegrierter Umweltschutz, PIUS) offers a wide variety of conference documentation, industry textbooks, etc. in German and English
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