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Risk assessment
Five steps (pdf)
Five steps to risk assessment from the UK HSE
BAuA guide (pdf, German)
A guide to risk assessment from the German BAuA
TRGS 420 and related Sector regulations
German: Ermitteln und Beurteilen der Gefährdungen durch Gefahrstoffe am Arbeitsplatz: Verfahrens- und stoffspezifische Kriterien (VSK) und Branchenregelungen

Fundamentals on prevention from German Berufsgenossenschaften
BGV A1 Prevention basics
BGI 841 Prevention for SMEs (German)

Column Model/COSHH Essentials
The column model is part of the German TRGS 440 and offers an easy-to-handle guideline for risk assessments and substitution of dangerous substances. These are categorized according mainly to R-phrases into five grades from “very high risks” up to “negligible risks”.
View or download under:
An electronic version (German only) can be found under >>
A Tool similar to the German Column Model, provided by the UK HSE

Safetydatasheets (SDS)
Directive safety data sheets
Commission Directive 2001/58/EC of 27 July 2001 amending for the second time Directive 91/155/EEC (safety data sheets)

The following sites provide search facilities and databases for safety datasheets:
Germany: (not all SDS are available for the public)
USA (these SDS do not comply with European standards!!):

Databases Substances and Preparations
The following databases provide classifications for certain substances:
GESTIS Substances database from BIA (Germany)
GISCHEM Preparations database for the chemistry sector by Chemie BG (Germany)
GISBAU Preparations database for the construction sector by Bau BG (Germany)
GISMET Preparations database for the metal sector by Metal BGs, under construction (Germany)
Toxikologische Bewertungen Database Chemie BG (Germany)
OEKOPRO Uni Dortmund (Germany), registration needed
VDA-list List provided by automobile industry with prohibited or to be declared substances
RISCTOX Database on health and environmental risks of chemicals handled by companies (Spain)
ALTERNATIVES Documents on reduction or elimination of chemical risks, classified by substances, uses, processes and sectors (Spain)
Assess and compare what you use Tool for the preliminary assessment of health and environmental risks of products comparing the risks of different chemicals (Spain)
HSDB Hazardous Substances Database (Nat. Library of Medicine, USA)

Critical Substances
Sweden and Danmark published lists with substances, which could possibly be regulated in future or should be observed closely:
– KEMI Sweden: PRIO provides a list of chemicals which are prioritised for risk reduction measures (earlier called OBS-observation- list; examples of substances requiring particular attention):
– Danish List of undesirable substances (uonskede stoffer: En signalliste over kemikalier, hvor brugen på længere sigt bør reduceres eller stoppes):
Endocrine disruptors:
EU information site:
EU-Community strategy (including a list of substances):

Best Available Technique
Working groups established by the EU develop reference documents for Best Available Technique (BREFs) for important industrial areas. The composition of those groups, the evelopment of their work and the finalised documents can be found under:
IPPC Office

Good Practice
Dangerous substances
Numerous examples, hints, guidelines etc. from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
Numerous examples, hints, guidelines etc. from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work