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Database Search Interface

Narrow down your selection criteria bit by bit until you get a reasonable amount of processes listed.

We recommend to start with a selection of one or two criteria (e.g. "Further treatment: "Electroplating"). Then click on the button "List of search results". If you get too many processes, you get back to this page and select additional criteria, say the dirts-to-be-removed (e.g. "Cooling lubricants" and "Cutting oils"). As soon as you get an overlookable amout of processes listed, you choose those processes, which you are interested in and then study them in detail.

If you do not get any hits, we offer links to "Bauteilreinigung" and "Cleaner Solutions", where you can enter similar selection criteria and get general procedures/agents offered in return.

Multiple and de-selections can be done by additionally pressing the CRTL key while klicking on the item.




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