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D 009 Blasting of ship's hull with CO2 ice pellets ( Date: 2001-12-19 )
Newly built ships made of steel covered with primer are cleaned of residue, oxides and soot from welding and gas cutting using CO2 pellets and a manual blasting equipment (pressed air operated), thereafter another corrosion protection paint is applied.
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Ships hull inside (cabins etc.); area of 300 m2 is cleaned during night shift (7.5 hrs.)
  steel, stainless steel, aluminium
Weight : Part is not moved
Dim : Longest dimension > 5000 mm
  smooth surfaces, metal folding
Utilisation of equipment (throughput,workload) in % : No statement
Maximum possible throughput of parts per year : No statement
Actual throughput in number of parts annually / Year : 18.84
Max. area which can be cleaned per year : 350.400 m▓
Cleaned area per year : 66.000 m▓
Parts are cleaned on site : Yes

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