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D 100 Cleaning of small turned items before vacuum hardening or nickel plating ( Date: 2004-05-11 )
Turned items made of steel, Stainless steel, brass, chromium or alu are cleaned in bulk from cuting oils and chips using a modified alcohol in a vacuum degreasing plant; thereafter vacuum hardening or nickel plating
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Turned items (eg tiny shafts for electr. tooth brushes diameter 3 mm, small srews, also parts with drilled holes), in bulk, charged in stainless steel baskets containing up to 10 kg
  steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, chromium
Weight : 1 g to 100 g, < 1 g
Dim : Longest dimension 100 mm to 500 mm, Longest dimension 10 mm to 100 mm, Longest dimension 1 mm to 10 mm
  smooth surfaces, small holes with metal chips inside, a complicated geometry, a simple geometry
Utilisation of equipment (throughput,workload) in % : 40,00
Maximum possible throughput of parts per year : 16.000.000
Actual throughput in number of parts annually / Year : 8.000.000
Max. area which can be cleaned per year : No statement
Cleaned area per year : No statement
Parts are cleaned on site : No

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