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D 112 Laser cleaning of brake linings before powder coating (in-line) ( Date: 2004-06-16 ) (Company: Automobile supplier)
Brake pads made of steel are cleaned from oxides and minute organic residue automatically in the production line by a solid-state laser; thereafter painting or powder coating
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Type: CL 120 Q  
Solid-state laser (120 W) with a glass fibre feed for the manually operated optical tool; can also be fixed in automatic machines (also in 500 W available)
The cleaning system can be described as an : closed system
The equipment is for : Continous passing through of parts
Type of charging : Automated charging
If many parts are cleaned at the same time how many parts : No statement
Type : Solid-state laser
Serialno :
Standard : CE
Consumption(electric power) : 8,00 kW
Consumption(nonelectric power): 0
Dimension(equipment) : 0,90 m * 0,60 m * 1,00 m
Manufacturers/Suppliers : clean LASERSYSTEME
Auxiliary equipment : Filtration (fibre)
General exhaustion equipment
Comment :
Evaluation by company personnel  
Technical equipment : good
Handling : good
Qualification level of personnel : No statement