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D 107 Cleaning of resistance welding robots with CO2 pellets ( Date: 2004-06-11 )
Robots for resistance welding of car body parts (plus the corresponding jigs and transport facilities) are cleaned from slag and spatters by mobile blast machines and CO2 dry ice pellets; thereafter normal welding operation of robots
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Type: Hydroblast Cycle 16-4  
Mobile blast machine for CO2 dry ice pellets operated by pressed air (10 W, 4-16 bar) including a 30 ltr. container, which is filled manually from an insulated thermo container; fitted with a 10 m long hose plus nozzle; extra equipment: hose heater against blocking
The cleaning system can be described as an : open system
The equipment is for : Large area cleaning
Type of charging : Not applicable (e.g. blasting)
If many parts are cleaned at the same time how many parts : No statement
Type : Mobile dry ice blast machine
Serialno :
Standard : CE
Consumption(electric power) : 1,50 kW
Consumption(nonelectric power): 0,010 kW
Compressed Air
Dimension(equipment) : 0,62 m * 0,61 m * 0,86 m
Manufacturers/Suppliers : JK Pneumatik
Auxiliary equipment : Local exhaustion equipment
Comment :
Evaluation by company personnel  
Technical equipment : good
Handling : good
Qualification level of personnel : Untrained