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D 117 Cleaning for nitriding (A: main process) ( Date: 2004-05-25 )
Turned, punched parts from suppl. to carindustry made of steel and cast are cleaned from hardly known and changing dirts (e.g. cooling lubricant, chips, oxide, scales) in a vacuum plant by mod. alcohole and aq. agent; afterw. nitriding, back to customer
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drawing oil, mineral oil, grease, Metallic particles, cooling lubricants, mud/dust, corrosion protection layer, grinding agents, polishing agents, rust, sweat/fingerprints, oxides, mill scale
  of an oily consistence, oxidised (burned in)
Previous process : Turning, punching
Dirt1: Oilsludge (95.00 %)
Dirt2: Particles, fines (5.00%)
Quantity : Oilsludge 5000.00 ltr. / Year
Quantity :
Quantity :