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D 009 Blasting of ship's hull with CO2 ice pellets ( Date: 2001-12-19 )
Newly built ships made of steel covered with primer are cleaned of residue, oxides and soot from welding and gas cutting using CO2 pellets and a manual blasting equipment (pressed air operated), thereafter another corrosion protection paint is applied.
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Type of cleaning : Dry CO2 ice blasting
Cleaning support : Lifting contaminants by sublimation of the CO2 ice
Description : Area of 300 m2, during night shift (7.5 hrs.)
Since when do you apply current cleaningsystem? : 1 / 2000
Step : 1. Cleaning, 20,0 ░C, (CO2 dry ice pellets)
Duration of cleaning process for one part (min.) : No statement
Duration of cleaning process for the charge (min.) : No statement
How often is the cleaning done (per day) : No statement
Further treatment : long term corrosion converting coating (more than one year)
Primer (airless)
Surface requirements : free of oil and grease
Description: St2, EN 55928-4, Paint supplier determines the process since the guarantee depends on an approved surface treatment.
Quick tests Visual control
Advanced tests : No statement
There are accompanying tests. See
Quality of cleaning : good
Company evaluation of cleaning process in general : very good
Comment :
Incidences : No statement from company
Working environment : No statement from company
Protection equipment : breathing mask
Local exhaustion

Evaluation by company personnel
Occupational safety and health : good
Environment protection : good
Cleaning time : good
Waste management : good
Cleaning quality : good