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D 078 Brake cleaning ( Date: 2003-11-04 )
Lorry and van drum brakes are cleaned for repair- and maintenance purposes from mud, dust and sand by heated tap water (95░C) on a wash stand fitted with a flow heater and a spray gun; thereafter parts are reassembled
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Type of cleaning : Cleaning by hand by wash stands (using rags, brushes etc. in addition)
Multitask equipment
decentral cleaning station (integrated in production line)
open spray cleaning with low pressure
Mobile spray cleaning equipment
Mobile spray cleaning equipment
Cleaning support : Heating up the agent
Description :
Since when do you apply current cleaningsystem? : 1 / 2002
Step : 1. Cleaning, 45 litre, 95,0 ░C, 5,0 min, (Water)
Duration of cleaning process for one part (min.) : 5,0
Duration of cleaning process for the charge (min.) : No statement
How often is the cleaning done (per day) : 1,0
Further treatment : assembling/fitting
Repair, maintenance
Surface requirements : free of chips and loose dirt
free of oil and grease
Description: Fast drying, low cost, free of oil and grease because of braking action
Quick tests Visual control
Advanced tests : No statement
Quality of cleaning : good
Company evaluation of cleaning process in general : very good
Comment :
Incidences : No statement from company
Working environment : Excessive physical efforts
Protection equipment : gloves

Evaluation by company personnel
Occupational safety and health : good
Environment protection : good
Cleaning time : good
Waste management : good
Cleaning quality : good