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D 089 Cleaning reels from die cutting by high pressure water jet (in line) ( Date: 2004-05-04 )
Reels from die cutting made of stainless steel, copper alloys or tinned copper are cleaned from punching oils and tin flitter in a high-pressure water-jet (integrated in production line) using only tap water; thereafter application of plastic or welding
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1. Cleaning 2. Drying


Aqueous types
Aqueous cleaner, neutral (pH 5,5 to 8,5)
Other Cleaners
No cleaner


(Deliverytype: Liquid)
Compressed air


Tap water


No manufacturer No manufacturer


Water: 100.00 %

Features from SDS:

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Criteria for choice:

No statement from company No statement from company

Used amount of cleaner per time:

3.000,00 litres/year

Operating time:

1,00 months


regularly, after the stated number of months No statement from company


agent is diposed of (annual amount) No statement
Waste water; amount: 1,50m
During operation agent (water) is continuously circulated and dirt removed via oil separator and 3-step filter (being disposed of or incinerated); the used up agent is exchanged monthly and drained to the sewage system via active carbon

Evaluation by company personnel



Waste management : good good
Cleaning quality good good


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