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D 124 Bio wash stand ( Date: 2006-08-02 )
Small items from maintenance/repair made (e.g. cylinder heads) of steel, cast iron, alu, brass are cleaned from oils, greases and fines on a wash stand using a bio cleaner; thereafter re-assembling

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Small items from maintenance/repair made (e.g. cylinder heads)
METAL / NON METAL : steel, cast iron, bronze, brass
Shape : smooth surfaces, hollow spaces, a complicated geometry, a simple geometry
Utilisation of equipment (throughput,workload) in % : 8,30
Maximum possible throughput of parts per year : 32.000
Max. area which can be cleaned per year : No statement


mineral oil, grease, metal fines
Previous process : Disassembly


Bio Circle
Bio wash stand, including heater and pump


Cleaning by hand by wash stands (using rags, brushes etc. in addition),Multitask equipment,Central cleaning station,Biological cleaning

Duration of cleaning process for one part (min.) : 8.00
Duration of cleaning process for the charge (min.) : No statement
Recycling : Step:1 Mainly there is only waste (bigger particles) from the sink-screen. Inside the container there is very little sludge, this is disposed of via the sewage water treatment plant of the company.


free of oil and grease

Subsequent process:

assembling/fitting, Repair, maintenance


Total sum : 6.250,00 EURO / Year

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