Mechanical cleaning

Besides further developed cleaning by brushes, blowing and exhausting, vibration cleaning has been etsablished as a new type of cleaning:
It needs only very little energy input to accelerate even big masses and thus overcome the adhesive forces of dirts at their surfaces. The dirts gather at the oscillation knots and can be exhausted by positioned nozzles. From there they are gathered in a special container and can be reused e.g. in case of cooling lubricants. This methods needs only very short cleaning cycles of ca. 10 s.

Vibration cleaning is well suited for rotation symmetric components without hollow spaces like cog wheels, bearings, crank shafts, gear shafts or bushings. According to the inventor the method can also be applied to more complex but approximately cubic parts (like engine blocks) and it can achieve high degrees of cleanliness.

Conventional vibration cleaning should not be mixed up with this methods as it applies additionally abrasive media.

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