Manual Cleaning

Manual or wipe on/wipe off is the simplest method of cleaning, virtually no equipment is required, but workers are more likely to be exposed to the chemicals. Using a suitable cleaning formula, an operator suitably protected by rubber gloves, eye protection, and apron wipes the soiled workpieces with an agent-impregnated cloth or sponge, also mops or brushes are used. After the cleaner is allowed to react (2 or 3 minutes is usually sufficient), work is rinsed with water.

The wiping method is practical only for cleaning a few parts at a time or for large, bulky parts that cannot be immersed conveniently in a cleaning bath. Labour cost becomes excessive if many parts are cleaned. Cleaner concentrations are stronger than in dip and spray solutions, and the cleaner is not usually recovered for further use.

Wiping generates more waste than other processes. The wipe material becomes contaminated with the cleaning chemical and soil. The requirements for disposal of the cloths may depend on the solvent and soils removed.

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