Institutes, research groups, optimization potential

European and international institutes and working groups

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Listed here are institutes, working groups, associations etc. dealing with surface cleaning.

>> IWT
Institute for Material Technology (Germany)

>> AiF
Association for applied research for SMEs (Germany)

>> AWT
Association for Materials and Heat Treatment, (Germany)

Institute of Technical and Environmental Chemistry, at University Jena (Germany)

>> Fraunhofer
Verbund Oberflaechenvorbehandlung (Associated institutes for surface pretreatment, Germany)

Metal-Processing Technology Institute, Spain

>> DGO
German Association for Electroplating and Surface Technology

>> FIT
German professional association for industrial parts cleaning (Fachverband Industrielle Teilereinigung e.V., founded 6.7.2004)

The BIA is an institute for research and testing of the German Berufsgenossenschaften (BG), the institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention in Germany

Institut national de recherche et de securité, national institute for research and safety (France)

>> IMF
Institute of Metal Finishing, for those involved or with interests in surface engineering (UK)

Toxic Use Reduction Institute, a department of the university of Lowell, Massachusetts (USA)

>> RTI
Research Triangle Institute, developed SAGE together with EPA (NC, USA)

Optimization potentials, interesting ideas on the improvement of processes

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Although we present “best practice” in our database, there are still many oportunities to improve these processes. Many projects and institutions work on this issue (e.g. how to reduce enregy and water consumption). Here you get some of their findings and results:

>> BREFs
Working groups established by the EU develop reference documents for Best Available Techniques (BREFs) for important industrial areas. The composition of those groups, the development of their work and the finalised documents can be found under: IPPC Office

>> Universität Jena
In a German bmbf project the Institut for Technical and Environmental Chemistry compared metal cleaning processes (using chlorinated agents, hydro carbons and aqueous agents) in respect of their environmental impacts. They also issued recommendations concerning optimization of processes

>> Ökorecherche
The German EPA conducted a study evaluating different methods of metl cleaning; the study also brought about optimization potentials as seen by the EPA

Portal for the production intergrated protection of environment presenting good practice examples from degreasing, surface cleaning, waste treatment, …

>> EU OSH Agency
Good practice examples, hints, guidelines

>> Enviredox
Innovative treatment of electroplating waste water (European project)

>> German EPA manual
Manual “Environmental Impacts from Enterprises” – Monitoring and Evaluation by Environmental Management (pdf)

>> Cleaner production
Waste and waste-water minimized electro plating (German EPA pilote project)

>> Ministry for the Environment, Austria
New business model: leasing of chemicals