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A department of the University of Lowell, Massachusetts (USA). TURI has been conducting evaluations on alternative cleaning products since 1993. A majority of these products were designed for metal surface cleaning. The results of these tests are available on-line through the Institute’s laboratory database

A selection system for component cleaning developed by the university of Dortmund which assists the user in analysing her/his cleaning jobs with regard to cleaning methods and agents (German only).

Information system including over 300 documents on alternatives to reduce or eliminate chemical risk in metal cleaning and others, classified by substances, uses, processes, and sectors, some metal alternative documents and substitution practical cases. It also includes links to data bases in other languages (Spanish only).

This portal offers comprehensive information and detailed case studies, which can assist companies in their efforts to substitute hazardous substances (German, English, French, Spanish)..

EPA Solvents database
Sovents database of the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA (English only).

Database (demo version) for ship’s tankcleaning covering some 7000 chemicals shipped regularly in bulk. The success of a tankcleaning job depends on many factors such as thorough planning of the cleaning job, the design of tanks, cleaning machines and their operation, design of piping, heating capabilities etc which are known only to ship’s command. The software provides alternative methods for difficult products so that the best fit can be selected.

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