Cleantool Konferenz

International Conference on Metal Surface Cleaning Processes – Optimization and Assessment Hamburg November 10, 2003

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10:00 Lothar Lißner (Kooperationsstelle Hamburg)
Introduction to the aims of CLEANTOOL
10:10 Lecture 1: Need for a project and database like CLEANTOOL

Charles Darvin (US Environmental Protection Agency)
The Solvent Alternatives Guide for Metal Surface Cleaning (SAGE) of he US EPA

10:30 CLEANTOOL Consortium:
Presentation of cleaning case studies in relation to the CLEANTOOL methodology and the cleaning situations in the specific countries Klaus Kuhl (Kooperationsstelle Hamburg)
CLEANTOOL database

Prof. F. La Roca, Graciela Ferrer (Universitat de Valencia, Spain)
Hidden costs: a source for a win-win initiative

Hermann Thordarsson (IceTec, Iceland)
Cleaning in fish processing industry

Theodorus Chryssanthopoulos, Dr. Christos Maltezos (Public Power Corp., Greece)
Substitution, the Greek experience; cleaning of electric motors

Dr. Anne Randmer, Juhan Ruut (EMI-ECO, Estonia)
Estonian experience in metal cleaning

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Lecture 2: The cleaning market, cleaning technologies and agents in the EU.
User needs regarding the CLEANTOOL database Reiner Grün (DGO, German Association for Electoplating and Surface Technology)
Main cleaning technologies in Germany

14:20 WS 1: Evaluation of cleaning processes
Networking and databases in metal surface cleaning, user needs
Introduction: Klaus Kuhl, Kooperationsstelle Hamburg
14:20 WS 2: Manual cleaning
BREFS with relevance to cleaning operations and other regulations
Introduction: Dr. Jutta Geldermann (Universität Karlsruhe)
Lothar Lißner (Kooperationsstelle Hamburg)
16:10 Panel discussion
New technologies, trends and ideologies in the metal surface cleaning Dr. Carole LeBlanc (Toxics Use Reduction Institute, TURI, Massachusetts)
Introduction to new metal cleaning technologies and methods

Prof. Panagiotis Siskos, Reiner Grün, Prof. Brigitte Haase, André van Raalte

17:00 Final lecture: Experiences with databases in enterprises
Good practice and innovation databases as basis for information and communication between practitioners and researchers
Charles Darvin EPA
17:30 Closure

Conference language was English. Organisation by Kooperationsstelle
Venue: Hotel „Hafen Hamburg“, Seewartenstr 9, D-20459 Hamburg

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