The Project

Objectives, approach, finance

CLEANTOOL started in 2001 as a European Innovation Project with the goal to create a database of best practice for the cleaning of metal surfaces. More than 100 enterprises have so far participated in the project;

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The project was sponsored for three years by the European Union, General Directorate “Enterprise”, Department for Innovation, Innovation Programme. Thereafter the Cooperation Centre Hamburg maintained and developed the project using it’s own resources.

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Project report summary (520 kB, pdf)

The following partners were involved in the establishment of the project:


The Greek Public Power Corparation, Training Department


The Estonian Environmental consultant


The Technological Institute of Iceland


Department for Applied Economics

The Cooperation Centre Hamburg

Projectcoordination Lothar Lißner

From 2005-2007 all partners pulled out except the Cooperation Centre Hamburg, who maintained and developed Cleantool using it’s own resources, updating the current and supplying new processes.

In 2007 two very experienced partners joined the Cleantool team:


The French National Institute for Research and Safety, took over the maintainance of the French pages and processes in September.


The Spanish Trade Union Institut for Work, Environment and Health, took over the maintainance of the Spanish pages and processes in October.

Both partners will also bring in their expertise in cleaning technology and provide new cleaning processes.

Composition of the advisory boards


Dipl.-Ing. Erhard Arhelger, Daimler-Chrysler, Hamburg (Germany)

Dr.-Ing. Bettina Kröger, Airbus, Bremen (Germany)

Spyros Mastorakos, Megalopolis SES (Greece)

Manufatureres of cleaning equipment:

Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Schechinger, DÜRR Ecoclean, Filderstadt (Germany)

Manufatureres of cleaning agents:

Dr. Heike Gertel-Kloos, Haltermann GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)

Ásborn Einarsson, Mjöll (Iceland)

Avi Saarepu, AS ESTKO (Estonia)

Occupational safety and health:

Dr. Sigurd Hohmann, Norddeutsche Metall-Berufsgenossenschaft, Obmann im berufsgenossenschaftlichen Fachausschuss Metall und Oberflächenbehandlung, Hannover (Germany)

Víðir Kristjánsson, Agency for Safety and Health at Work (Iceland)

Milvi Jänes, Ergo Insurance Company, Occupational accidents and diseases risk insurance (Estonia)

John Karambakakis, safety engineer from Lignite Mines (Greece)


Ms. Birgit Mahrwald, Umweltbundesamt (Germany)

Þór Tómasson, Environmental and Food Agency, Deparment of Pollution (Iceland)

Níels Breiðfjörð Jónsson, Environmental and Food Agency, Chemical Department (Iceland)

Esther Monfà, Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production (Regional Agency, Catalunya) (Spain)

Matti Viisimaa, Environmental Information Bureau of Ministry of Environment (Estonia)

Marianthi Nickolakakou-Xiarchou, Labour Ministry (Greece)


Ms. Professor Brigitte Haase, Hochschule Bremerhaven (Germany)

Gaspar Lloret, AIMME (Metal-Mechanic Technological Institute, Valencia) (Spain)

Chr. Maltezos, chemist fom PPC laboratories (Greece)

Association Surface Technology/Specialists:

Mr. Reiner Grün, Zwingenberg (Germany)

Meelike Otstavel, AS Norma (Estonia)

Lembit Raava, Railway (Estonia)

George Arvanitis, Association of Chemists (Greece)

Collaboration with other projects

It is one of the aims of the project to enhance the communication of all stakeholders in metal cleaning. Thus partners have also approached other national and transnational projects to integrate their conclusions and use their expertise to accelerate the pace of innovation in metal cleaning.

Institut für Technische Chemie der FSU Jena:

“Ganzheitliche Bilanzierung/Bewertung von Reinigungs-/Vorbehandlungstechnologien in der Oberflächenbehandlung”, Dez. 1998

(Holistic balancing/evaluation of cleaning-/pretreatment technologies for surface treatment).

A poster showing a summary of the project results can be viewed or downloaded here.


Several institutions and organisations excelling in long standing experience in metal cleaning have been visited by a project team in September 2002. Numerous discussions resulted in viable recommendations, hints and cooperations, which proved very useful for the project. Find a number of links of visited institutions or recommended sites here.

Bauteilreinigung (component cleaning):

The faculty “Mechanical Engineering” of the university of Dortmund (Germany) has developed an Internet based selection tool for metal cleaning (German only); here.